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A brewing, balding, worshipping, modern monk

Having started as a budding homebrewer in 2014, Nick Law can only be described as a brewing, balding, worshipping, modern monk.

Taking his passion for craft beer, creative perfectionism, and devotion to his Christian faith, Emmanuales was born out of a desire to play his part in the great tradition and heritage of hospitality and brewing as started by the Trappist Monks, championed by the ale-loving reformer Martin Luther, and perfected by Ireland’s favourite son, Arthur Guinness.

After obtaining a license to turn his terraced house cellar into a small-scale commercial brewery in 2015, it became quickly apparent, due to popular demand for the elusive Emmanuales, that the business needed to upscale.

Moving in with The Sheffield Brewery Company – based in the heart of the city’s industrial quarter – at the start of 2016, Emmanuales started brewing using the brewery’s pilot kit.  In the summer, Nick assumed the role at The Sheffield Brewery Company as Brewery Manager.

Emmanuales is now part of The Sheffield Brewery Company family, brewed, bottled and perfected on site in an old Victorian polish factory.

What Would Jesus Brew?

Our aim is spread the good news one beer at a time; but we’re not out to force religion down people’s throats – just beer!  Quite simply, like Christian artists, poets, songwriters, authors, and craftsmen throughout history whose works adorn chapels and cathedrals, music halls and record collections, libraries and book shelves, and buildings or landscapes across this earth, we want to make the best beer around to the glory of God.

So, whether you’re a Bible bashing, rainbow-guitar-strap wearing, Ned Flanders type, or you’re just a curious, couldn’t-care-less-for-that-religious-mumbo-jumbo beer love, come all you who are thirsty and try this heavenly experience.

The Craft Beer Devotees

Nick Law
Nick LawModern Monk
Founder and Head Brewer of Emmanuales, Nick is the custodian of an usual set of divine circumstances.
Patrick Spencer
Patrick SpencerDisciple and Sales
Definitely not Irish, Paddy mostly concerns himself with selling beer and growing his beard like a true monk.