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Testing… testing, one, two… is this thing on?! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this website. I can assure you while I’ve been on sabbatical from brewing The Jesus Beer, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes planning for world domination… or something like that! My travels recently took me to […]

Exspectāns’ From ex (“out”) + spectō (“to look at”), frequentative of speciō (“to see”)/ verb. To wait for, to expect ‘Parousia’ pəˈruːzɪə/ noun: Parousia; plural noun: Parousias Greek, literally ‘being present’; another term for Second Coming. Well, today was my last day working for The Sheffield Brewery Company.  I first collaborated with the brewery back in 2015 as my fledgling home brewery was taking off and […]

Did any of you out there see Channel 4’s recent documentary on the Windsors? Making use of ‘footage of historical archived correspondence never before seen on national television’ – a mantra they clearly don’t want you to forget – the program uncovers the workings and dysfunctions of our biggest export, the Royal Family. One particular […]

Way back in the way back when, I used to wait with my mum for the bus home at the bottom of Castle Market in Sheffield. I’m convinced that she picked this spot for no other reason than irritating my tiny little nostrils with the thick, heavy stench that filled the air, which could only […]

In our more morbid moments, the wife and I like to discuss what tunes we’d like to be played at our funerals. Caught somewhere between Death Cab For Cutie and The Smiths, I am a little less decisive than my other half, who has firmly set her sights in Primal Scream’s gospel affair, ‘Moving On Up‘. And, with […]

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