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Come all you who are thirsty, taste and see that the Lord is good.

Brewed in relatively small quantities, we've been brewing beers of Biblical proportions since 2014 A.D.  Focusing on big on flavourful beers that are full of character, we're inviting you to 'taste and see the the LORD is good'... and so is our beer!

What Would Jesus Brew...?

The Word from our Hoppy Customers

Ever since Nick first approached us with his Emmanuales beers we've loved the brand, and thankfully our customers have loved the beers! The beers are always interesting, always great service from the team, we'd definitely recommend.

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Trade Enquiries

Our range of can, bottle, cask and keg beers are available for trade customers locally in Sheffield and nationally in the United Kingdom, with delivery through a courier service. We usually deliver locally on  Fridays but can be flexible to suit if need be.

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Hop Forward Ltd T/A Emmanuales
70 Cromwell Street, Sheffield, S6 3RN

Phone enquiries (9am—4pm):
+44 7881 995 604

AWRS: XSAW 000 0011 2474

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